Swirled Ski Cap with Pom Pom Free Knitting Pattern

This lovely and fun swirled ski cap will not only keep you warm, but also put a smile on your face. The Free Knitting Pattern is going to help a lot of you who have been in a search of a decent hat project. This hat features a unique construction technique, which gives the hat a parallelogram shape.… Read More »

Tulip Flower Free Crochet Pattern

Tulips are gorgeous spring flowers, but they have a limited season so why not crochet some to display all year round? The Tulip Flower Free Crochet Pattern is the perfect love flower to make a bouquet with. It can be worked up in just about any color with your own hands in just a brief amount… Read More »

Slouchy Spiral Hat Free Crochet Pattern

These crochet beanie hats are for all ages. They are not only one of the most important items for you to keep warm in winter, but also have an important moment in fashion. It looks complicated, but the Slouchy Spiral Hat Free Crochet Pattern is surprisingly straight forward and very easy to create. It works up quickly in… Read More »

Owl Cell Phone Cozy Free Crochet Pattern

Want some great gifts to give away? If you’re set on making handmade gift, you may love this pattern. Crochet phone cases are such fun little projects. They are easy to make, can incorporate both simple and advanced stitches, use up very little yarn and offer instant gratification crafting. With this Owl Cell Phone Cozy Free Crochet… Read More »

Little Fluffy Dog Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

These puppies look so cute, real and adorable. It’s hard to believe they are just amigurumi. This Little Fluffy Dog Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern is very easy to follow to make them. It also comes with a video tutorial. The yarn is fuzzed up using a dog slicker brush which gives them a felted look. It’s… Read More »

Fantastic Skull Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

Get ready for Halloween early this year with this Fantastic Skull Scarf Free Crochet Pattern. Its skull pattern is a perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit and stay safe from the chill. It’s a great gift choice too. The meticulous work would be well with the award: a warm smile from who ever received this… Read More »

Kids Linen Stitch Sun Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Linen stitch is so brilliant in the way how it mingles and pixelates a hand-dyed yarn. It is one of the simplest stitch patterns to master and yields a pretty, woven, dense fabric. This Kids Linen Stitch Sun Hat Free Crochet Pattern is quick, simple and easy. It is written in sizes Doll, Baby, Toddler, Child. The… Read More »

Amigurumi Ball Free Crochet Pattern

The Amish Puzzle Ball Free Crochet Pattern we shared last time was well received by our readers. In this post, we are going to share a couple of more adorable crochet ball patterns. The Amigurumi Ball Free Crochet Pattern will yield a fast and easy homemade gift for baby shower or newborns. They are soft and safe.… Read More »

Rectangle Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern

This delightfully easy Rectangle Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern is perfect for using up leftover worsted weight yarn you have collected. The simple brick pattern can be customized in your own favorite color combination. You can also make it as random as you like. Once you crocheted all the rectangle granny squares, all you need… Read More »