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Stylish Cardigan Sweater Free Knitting Patterns

These stylish knitted cardigans will definitely add a dose of elegance to any outfit. They are the perfect choice for a girl’s day out. If you are an advanced knitter, the stylish Cardigan Sweater Free Knitting Patterns are ideal to make these Cardigans. I personally love the first pattern the most which has a lovely corrugated shawl collar and fitted ribbed… Read More »

Crochet Skirts Free Patterns

A crochet skirt is a unique way to add texture and depth to an outfit. This time of year along with summer is the perfect for wearing crochet skirts. Teaming them up with a color coordinated top or blouse completes an alluring look. A crochet skirt project would be enjoyable for all the crochet lovers out there.… Read More »

Knit Halter Top Free Patterns

Summer is coming for most part of the world. Rising temperatures mean it’s time to turn to more summer-friendly knitting projects. Finding a warm-weather garment can be a challenge, but this cute knitted halter top is a perfect choice for summer time. You can wear it on the beach or go out in the evening. These Knit… Read More »

Unique Hairpin Lace Crochet Patterns and Projects

Hairpin lace is a beautiful and unique variation on crochet, in which you can combine a standard crochet hook with a certain type of loom to create lacy and openwork designs. It was originally made on large U-shaped hairpins with thin cotton to create delicate crochet lace. Nowadays, we use commercial hairpin lace looms and different weights of yarn for… Read More »

Gorgeous Summer Crochet Top Free Patterns

It’s getting warmer in our area. It would be very soon that we need lightweight tops, tanks, shells and wispy layers. Expanding your summer wardrobe with signature crochet pieces is a great way to show off your talents. In this post we’ve compiled a few Gorgeous Summer Crochet Top Free Patterns. Yes, there are all free patterns with very detailed… Read More »

Colorful Crochet Mandala FREE Patterns

Mandalas are popping up everywhere lately as the basis for a whole crochet pattern. These Colorful Crochet Mandala FREE Patterns are fun to make and have lots of uses.They are great projects no matter what your crochet skill level is. They can be used as potholders, trivets, wall and table decor, or as part of a bag, blanket,… Read More »