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Crochet Heart Stitch Free Patterns

Heart as you know is the symbol of love. Crocheting hearts, heart shaped things and other projects that include hearts are one of the most popular ones. There are hundreds of crochet heart patterns available. But if you are looking to make something just a little bit different. Here is a awesome Multicolored Heart Crochet… Read More »

Crochet Pretty Flower Free Patterns

We have introduced many crochet flower patterns in the past. They are always quite popular among crochet lovers. In this post, we gathered a couple of more Crochet Pretty Flower Free Patterns. All of them look very beautiful even with only very few colors. The patterns are easy to follow with detailed intructions. They are… Read More »

Beautiful Puff Stitch Patterns I Can’t Wait to Try

The Puff Stitch is family of the Bobble Stitch and the popcorn Stitch. It is different from other crochet stitches because it is made up of several loops that connect at the top and bottom of the stitch. The connecting loops are what gives the puff stitch its raised and defined look. The more loops you choose… Read More »

Crochet Stool Cover Free Patterns

The use of crochet in the general household is trending. It is from throw rugs to pillow cases etc. If you are looking for patterns to bring your home into style, you don’t go out to buy new fabric. Here are some Crochet Stool Cover Free Patterns to brighten up your stools and add some fun color to the room.… Read More »

Crochet Bath Mat Free Patterns

Tired of stepping out of the shower and hoping that you don’t slip and fall? You need a bath mat which is soft to the touch and can spruce up the bathroom a bit. But shopping for a bath mat or rug can be a challenge. It is hard to find one to match your… Read More »